A roundtable will be held every day with 3-4 trainers and coach developers with contrasted level trainers to present their knowledge in the auditorium. The talk will be dynamic and listeners will be able to ask questions. Following, there will be a small pause where the listeners will be distributed and will form 3-4 formative capsules where there will be a greater interaction to achieve the objectives of exchange of experiences, with greater applicability and transfer of knowledge.

These sessions are validated by the spanish footbol federation, the catalan footbal federation, and pending confirmation of other international federations.

Each coach that attends the networking events will receive an accredited certificate by the federations, allowing integration into the ROPEC (Registre Oficial de Professionals de l’Esport de Catalunya).

The networking will continue into dinner which will be served in the tournament’s official dinner and is included in the registration of the networking.


Price: €50 (Includes networking event, Munich Pro Masterclass and dinner the 27/28 of December)

*Preliminary Schedule

Wednesday 12 – 27, 2017
18:00>19:00 Networking: Development of Young players Ponents: Santi Gea, Cesar Arcones, Fran Burgueño, Miki Escalona, Fabrice Gacougnolle, Marcos Angulo, and Dr.Juan Manuel Boffa



Formative Capsule 1: Project +ksport futsal with values –Santi Gea

Formative Capsule 2:
Goalie training in Futsal- Fran Burgueño and Cesar Arcones.
Formative Capsule 3:
 Futbol Stat. The application that accompanies the trainers to obtain a progression of the team through a simple and effective method with Fabrice Gacougnolle

*in function of registered numbers

Thursday 12 – 28, 2017
18:00>19:00 Networking: Evolution of the formation in Futsal within Catalunya and around the world. Speakers: Chus Estaban, Xavi Passarrius, Jordi Torras, Oscar Alonso, Xavi Closas and Enrique Guillen


Formative Capsule 2: Formative evolution  of futsal with Chus Esteban

Formative Capsule 3: Evolutionary work,  programed by Oscar Alonso, Xavi Closas, and Jordi Torras.

*in function of registered numbers


Friday 12 – 29, 2017
Once finales
are finished
Munich Pro Masterclass 

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